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Written by Jeff Hicks   
Tuesday, 22 September 2009 01:17

The purpose of ForumBakersfield is to provide an open forum for the discussion of local issues, politics and whatever else may be of interest to the people of Bakersfield and nearby communities.  ForumBakersfield is primarily a print publication, independently owned and operated, with an initial circulation of 5,000, printed whenever we have sufficient content to fill the pages! Thank you for your interest and participation.

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Focus on: Education PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeff Hicks   
Saturday, 26 September 2009 21:14

Each issue of ForumBakersfield will focus on one central theme.  For the first issue, the focus is on education.  We will gather and publish articles, essays, rants, raves, polls and other material from students, teachers, parents, administrators and interested others.  We welcome your contributions and comments on anything related to education, and suggestions for future focus themes as well.

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Business and Public Education PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Louis Wildman   
Thursday, 11 February 2010 21:41

Historically, business and public education haven’t got along.   The capitalist rules of business justify inequality; public education promotes political equality.  

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Notes from the Classroom PDF Print E-mail
Written by Cody Bema   
Thursday, 11 February 2010 21:56

I am a teacher of English in one of the most illustrious schools in the Kern High School District. During my three year stint at this particular institution of learning, I have encountered three realities in education: 1.) the role of the teacher is to be a healer of social maladies injected into the students’ collective psyche-the elixir at our disposal is the blending of critical thought and passionate discourse; 2.) the true products of the educational experience must be new and thus revolutionary and must not maintain the socio-political status quo; and 3.) all hope in education lies with the students and not with the teachers, administrators, and board members, as the latter seems to usually be manipulated by some sort of extrinsic motivator, specifically the acquisition or retaining of power.

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H.E.A.R.T.S. 20 Years of Service in Kern Country PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Graham   
Thursday, 11 February 2010 22:47

H.E.A.R.T.S. Connection Family Resource Center and Family Empowerment Center was started in 1990.  The Kern Infant Council received a grant to start a support group for families of children with special needs from birth to 36 months of age.  Special thanks go to Dian Schneider, Jani Pittman, Donna Hayes, Jane Warren, Michelle Getches, Sandi Link, Mike Clark, Debbie Oftedal, Wilma Sweeney, Darlene Jehnsen, and Mike Thompson for laying the groundwork for our agency's birth.

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Can congress pass ANY meaningful heathcare reform, of any kind, or is it total gridlock?

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